Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Day, Another Birthday!

They just keep coming faster and faster each year, those pesky birthdays.  When we are in our 60's these days take on a whole new meaning.  They are not so much about celebration as they are about acknowledgement.  Just a call, a card, a visit is good, nothing much at all else needed.   God, weren't we just 27?  

I am trying to write more about how age is a good thing.  Hmm, I'm thinking, I'm thinking.  Everything hurts, I can't sleep, I still get hot flashes..I walk slower than ever, clothes are not hanging like they used to, heels are downright dangerous. Gray roots are showing up within a few weeks. I ask everyone to repeat themselves.  I used to dine by candlelight, no more.  Lights and glasses on so I can see the food.  I eat at 5 or 6 - I call that an early bird special time to eat, not like the old days when we used to eat at 8 or 9. Oh, getting up and down from chairs - don't ask.  Really I should be happy I am still in one piece - no knee replacements, hearing aids, shawls, cats.  No Support Hose. No handbag full of sweeteners from the last restaurant I went to.  Yet.  Well I won't go on.  Beauty routines are now more maintenance than routines.  It's all about maintenance ladies, all about maintenance.

For me the most ecstatic thing about being this age is grandchildren.  I only have one, but what they say is true, you can't beat it.  Even when they are cranky and tell you to 'go home'.  Yep my 18 month old granddaughter told me that last Easter.  It's all good. You can snuggle, laugh, read, give a tubby, eat junk food, do manicures, dress them up, dress them down - then send them home.  You can envision their future in your dreams. Yeah, there is something good about aging.  That's about it.  And a small cake or cupcake helps.  With one candle. 

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