Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sun Worship

No one loves the sun more than me.  I grew up on the beach and have since lived in Florida for 6 years as well as spending 12 summers on the beach in Maine.  In the old days, our gang would go to Jones Beach on Long Island and cover ourselves with baby oil and iodine, then sit with reflectors on our faces.  Oh yeah.  Just got back from sunny Florida where I did go to the beach and pool, sat under an umbrella, or went out after 3 p.m. and always wore a hat.  Thankfully, the sun has always bothered my eyes, so I have worn a hat or visor for many of the sun loving years.

I have about 7 places on my body including my face/nose/ear that have been affected with skin cancer and have been removed.  It has not been fun.  When I DO go in the sun now, I TRY to just put my legs in the sun, with my back to the sun wearing a big hat.  And of course, wear sunscreen.  Hopefully it has helped.

My sister who is 76 has been going through some scary stuff from her sun worshipping all these years.  She is at her wits end, and the only thing I can tell her is tell your children and grandchildren what happens from sun worship.  It's not pretty, it's not fun, it's very painful both physically and emotionally.  She says her face is carved up at this point and she doesn't want to go for any more surgery.

This is what the sun gets us.  Please, the girls coming up, don't do what we did.

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