Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Turn of the New Year

is as good a time as any to put focus on our lingerie drawer.  Lingerie as in, new bras.  Did you know the life span of a bra is:  really depends.  If you have one good bra, you can figure one month life span.

According to experts, we should have 3-10 bras in our drawers for maximum life expectancy.  Wash them carefully and no drier ever.  I had no idea I was wearing the wrong size bra till one of my friends made me take a good hard look.  Go to a bra specialist (Nordstorms is great) and get thyself fitted.  We  change sizes as we get older.  I remember being a 32 AAA at 20, and now, well don't ask!!

Last week, I slipped into a bra that I have in my drawer and just for comfort on a Saturday, I wore it....OMGosh, when I looked in the mirror later in the day, my boobs were practically at my waist.  When I put my wired, good bra on, right back in the saddle.  Trust me on this one, ladies, good bras are your friends.

The picture below is the way a bra needs to fit with no bulge and complete lift.

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