Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things that Target Us as American Touristas!

When I am traveling, I tend to try and blend in with the locals.  Not always so easy, but here are some tips for traveling abroad.

  • Sneakers are an American trademark - try comfortable flats instead.  Personally, I have not been wearing sandals in cities because I am finally aware of all the not so great things out there, such as disease.
  • Jeans in a big city - try some khakis instead.
  • Sweatshirts - we don't need to go there, do we?
  • Eating/drinking on the street - Americans are so on the go all the time, we don't realize that eating is for sitting and relaxing.
  • Tee shirts with anything written on them that might in any way be offensive - teen aged children beware.
  • Oh I am so guilty of this, perusing a map out in public.  Go to a quiet corner and get bearings.
  • Baseball caps/visors - when you see the women in Rome, you will be in awe of their style
  • Backpacks (got one of those too) scream tourist.
  • No fancy gold watches, gold anything really.  Leave it at home.
  • Need I go here?  Fanny packs.  Enough said.
At the end of the day, I 'try' really hard to watch my manners, even though when I am tired I get really cranky.  No loud voices.  In small cafes be extra careful of personal space, they are small, and we all need to share these great spots. (I remember someone giving me the stink eye because of this issue, that's why I mention it.)

Try to buy some things at the local markets to wear.  I remember being in Italy in the Spring and it was August hot.  I bought some cool linens and a hat at the market and felt like more of a local.  Now, if only I could speak Italian....

Usually at the end of the trip, I fall into old habits and just wear what I've got that is comfy...But I do try to blend, just like Joe Pesci.

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