Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar 2013

Some Oscar thoughts:

Jennifer Lawrence looked the best of the women.  Plus the fact she is really cool.
Who falls and still looks good.  Jennifer Lawrence.
Loved that Argo won Best Pic.  What a great thriller.
Loved that Life of Pi took home 4 Oscars, the film was amazing.  Book even more so.
Seth McFarlane was horrid, I just don't get his humor.
Sally Field should have won Best Actress in Lincoln.
If she couldn't win, then Quvenzhané Wallis, above (Beasts of the Southern Wild) was my second choice.  Talk about poise.  Wow!
Tommy Lee Jones stole the show in Lincoln, he deserved Best Supporting Actor.
Silver Linings Playbook was a good movie, not great.  And Bradley Cooper, eh?  Does nothing for me.

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