Sunday, March 10, 2013

Digital Etiquette

Redefined Etiquette

For those of us who don't know, scan the article below about the Etiquette for TODAY.  With the World moving over all the way (no body's waiting) to digital please:

Don't leave any VM's  - no one wants to go through the whole rigmarole of press this to 'listen' press this to 'delete'.  How many times have you told those callers that leave msgs "I don't ever listen to my VM (especially at home), they are all hangups".

If the person is not there, text them if you want to say something.  If you just want to chat, call them back.  Better yet, txt them to ask, "do you want to chat".  Phone gets answered that way.  Just did it with my son....Txted him 'can you chat'.  He went to his car, and we chatted for a long time.

Thank you!   We know you thank us.  We don't have to open another email to hear it firsthand.

I JUST did this on a trip I took.  Was supposed to have dinner with a friend.  Msged her on FB prior, she said 'love to'.  When I got to town, she had moved/changed her cell a while ago.  Left a few VM's on her home phone.  Guess what?  Never listens.  Oh well.  Next time.

Our age group might say something like this..oh my, I DON'T EMAIL.  Earth to them, then you are out of the loop.  I have lots of friends like that.  They are out of the loop.  As my son says, just text, that's enough.

End of NYT article:

"The anthropologist Margaret Mead once said that in traditional societies, the young learn from the old. But in modern societies, the old can also learn from the young. Here’s hoping that politeness never goes out of fashion, but that time-wasting forms of communication do."

As who said?  The times, they are achangin'.


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