Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lips (at our stage)

One of my cohorts at work and I were discussing lipstick today.  How it ages you, how it makes you look more contemporary, color, brand, etc.  We chatted about how many times a day we reapply. (It's a lot) And how if we don't wear lipstick at our age, we looking like the walking....well,  you know.  I use all brands and colors, whichever is most handy.  Revlon, Mac, Chanel, Bobbi Brown.  She uses one brand and color only and that's Estee Lauder. 

We were chatting about  how long lasting some are, and how some are not.  We need to play around with brands and finishes to find our inner mojo with this sort of thing.  My go-to purse color is Twig by Mac.  It's a satin finish meaning that it stays and doesn't slip off (in my case for about 3 hours).  It is also a bit drying so wear balm at night...ELF at Target for $1.
I like the word 'stage' at this point better than 'age' don't you?

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