Sunday, May 26, 2013


In the current fashion atmosphere to me, shoes are as big a thing as the skirt, top, or jewels.  But, and a big but here, I am having problems staying upright on my shoes.  The other day, got up from my desk.  Fell down.  Twisted the ankle on 2" Talbot's
 heels.  It makes me think twice and three times and four about shoes.  I can step over a curb and fall.  Friends will attest.  Go down a stair and fall.  Stand up, fall down.  (well we won't talk about that one!)  Anyhoo. No wine involved.  Just think, we are at the stage in life where we can go and see the World.  Cobblestones.  Trails, climbs, ice.  Let's not fall, please?  Cause we break things.
  Now I am trying to figure out the shoe for traveling, the shoe for commuting, the shoe for walking.  Do we want to look like the nuns of yesteryear?  No!!!  Let's search!  As I sit here, nursing my ankle.
 Honest to God Almighty, I walked all over Eastern Europe in this shoe. (And still walking in them)  The Zigi Soho Drea, $49.00. They are like walking on pillows.  Just ordered them in red.
This is a Camper brand shoe.  Known for comfort and some coolio style.  Around $150ish.

If we are traveling, it's pretty sad but we are at the age, where if you are wearing a 'comfort' shoe there is a stigma.  We stand up and say 'so what'  but still??  I don't know about you, but I'll go down wearing that shoe!  Still looking!

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