Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Good Humor Truck

Way back in the last century, there was a decade called the 50's.  During the 50's I grew up.  The summers were for beaching and the best part of the day, Good Humor ice cream.  There was a hole in the chain link fence at our beach,  that Mel, the GH man would serve his delicious confections through every day of the summer.  Instead of yelling 'Ice Cream, stop!' we knew just to yell 'Mel!!'.  After he served the beach probably twice a day, he would do his evening (after dinner) rounds.  That's when he would happen to always be heading right past my house to the neighborhood sexy teen, Carla.  There Mel would stay for hours, chatting with Carla.  Trust me, her very strict father was right there taking it all in.  Anyway, this photo reminds me of Carla and Mel.

Anyway, I remember the dry ice smoking when Mel opened the door of the freezer.  The ring on his truck.  It's just not the same anymore. 

PS - Good Humor is still a favorite.  Toasted Almond, yum!  Think ice's were 5cents and ice cream possibly 15 cents.

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