Friday, October 18, 2013

InStyle Essential White Shirt Fittings

Today as I walked out my door in the city of Boston, I saw an InStyle Magazine truck doing a fitting event.  Well, of course I had to stop.  They were fitting three styles of white shirts according to bra size.  You know that annoying little button pull at the bra level that opens on some shirts.  Not happening in these.  They have a bit of stretch too.  If you bought a shirt, they donated a shirt to Dress For Success.  So I was really just helping a cause right?  Anyway, I fell for it, and hopefully will be happy with my purchase, and hopefully the receiver of the donated shirt will be happy too.

To add my bit of sixties60 information, it's nice to have a shirt built just for us, according to bra size, think this is going to be a trend.  And a good one for us the older we get, as things keep shifting!!  A really good bra and one of these shirts is very uplifting shall we say?

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