Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beauty Tips for Women over 60

Truly aside from having a good outlook on life, and being healthy there are a few things we can do to enhance our features.  As we age, at times we look tired and drawn, no matter who we are, and how wonderful our life is.  Some drugs we might be on play a role in our skin tone.

What else?  Our attitude is key.  If we think we are all done and walk around all slumped over and mad at the world, well...we can only imagine how that comes off to the world.  Anyway, here is my very own compilation of tips that I have aged into within the last ten years.

Always clean the face at night/and use a good, thick night moisturizer.  Think at this point we all have dry skin, no?  Every day use a gentle scrub.  Skin needs polishing.

Go easy on makeup.  After applying any make up --  BIG TIP AHEAD --  Go into your bathroom in a good light and put your glasses on (if you wear them) and take a good, hard look at your handiwork.  Nine out of ten times, you will adjust one thing or another.  Lipstick and eye make up - oh well, no.  Just about everything.  Lipstick, eye make up, concealer, the works.  Check it out!!

Purchase a magnifying mirror.  It helps tremendously.

Blend, blend, blend.  Whatever it is.  With a brush or your fingers.

Every once in a while, take a good hard look at any new developments on the skin.  For your health and appearance.  Always something new popping up that we need to deal with.

Find a great, not good, dermatologist.  I love my new one.  She will take anything off that I request.

Watch the eye brows and chin hairs.


Hand moisturizer is a must, along with cuticle cream for me.  A good manicure is key to looking well put together.

If you choose to wear no make up at all, at the very least, wear a good matte lipstick.  Gloss slides.  Sliding is not good for women over 60.  Trust me on this one...

Things that I like for me.  You may have your own favorites and please share if so!

Cream blush
black mascara
matte lipstick (this goes against all the rules but it is my preference for me)
concealer for spots, etc.
navy blue liner or deep purple/shadow (just learned that it makes our eyes look whiter)

Last but not least, when you go to a make up counter, have the artist put whatever it is you are thinking of buying on you.  Don't be shy!  They love looking busy!  Walk around, look at yourself near and far, then make your decision.  And don't forget if you are unhappy with that purchase, bring it back.  All make up is returnable.  Sephora is great for this.  They will make you up - key word, happily - and you can try it out.  AND I returned a sheer lipstick because I didn't like it.  Guess what, they accepted the return, happily.

Hair is a whole different ballgame.  In a nutshell, have a good hairdresser.  Use a great shampoo, and moisturize the hair.  Along with everything else, hair dries out too. 

We can look confident and beautiful at any age, as long as we believe in ourselves.  It sounds very poetic, but it's really 1/2 the battle.  Confidence.  Let's call it pro-aging.  We have no other choice.  I mean that in a good way.

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  1. Great tips for us Chic Age Panthers. Something I read by Marlene Dietrich convinced me to stop using mascara on lower lashes.