Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sixty, 60 and 60

Yes, we are in our sixties and proud of it!  The baby boomers are the biggest segment of society right now, with lots of spending power.  So when we look at fashion and beauty ads why is it that the pages are pretty well covered with a younger generation.  Life is not over for us.  We are the reinventer generation.  Some mags are devoting time to us, such as More, and Oprah, but not enough, and when I look at the web, oh my!!  Where are we?

I feel like I keep repeating myself in this blog.  Mostly because fashion doesn't really change, it stays the same basically with a few twists here and there.  And when I am not repeating myself I am contradicting myself.  Nothing is written in stone, and what might work for me doesn't for others.

My one thought for the day fashionwise is, get into your closet and weed.  Throw out.  Shop anew.  According to something I read recently, if only 1/3 of your closet is wrong you are way ahead of the game.  It's not easy to put it all together.  Sales will start soon, make a list.  I personally am in dire need of a navy blue cardigan.  No where to be found, that navy blue cardigan.  But I will find it.  Listen, ladies, kids are grown, house is ours and the time is ours.  Get going.


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