Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stumbled Upon Baby Shampoo for Facial Cleanser

For the past few weeks, I have been suffering with itchy eyelids.  It sounds like not much, but after a while it's no fun.  Finally, I went to the doctor, and she prescribed Johnson's Baby Shampoo!   I mentioned this to someone at work, and she said, 'oh yes, my mother uses it all the time as a facial cleanser'.  If not for facial cleanser, it works as a great eye makeup remover in the shower.  Gentle and thorough.  (and cheap)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo, $4, target.com
"For the past eight or nine months, I've been using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as face wash. It's amazing because it works as a makeup remover and a very gentle cleanser for those of us with sensitive skin. [This shampoo is] especially nice around the eyes -- no tears and you can get to the roots of your eyelashes." - Raydene Salinas, photo editor and photographer

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