Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Are 60 Something!. Treat Yourself!

Last week, one of my oldest friends came to Boston, (been friends from 2nd grade)  and since I live in a one bedroom little cave (love it though) I made a res at The Taj Hotel right at The Public Garden for the evening.  What a lovely weekend!   To me the highlight was staying at The Taj.  Hotels are a big deal to me.  I know that lots of travelers say, oh well, you should be out seeing. (and I could have gotten as 'big box hotel' for the same price.)  But, to me it's about the ambiance of THE HOTEL.  City also, but THE HOTEL is equally important.  The space, the service, the feel. 

It was fun to leave work and walk down the street to my lair.  Beautiful bedding and views over the Public Garden and people.  Then onto dinner within walking distance of our hotel.  After dinner, shopping along Newbury Street and back to the hotel for a lovely rest. 

The next morning, breakfast in a very European feel space overlooking Newbury Street. All kinds of ladies groups there from abroad or wherever chattering away about their trip.  It was kind of to die for.  Wonderful service. I'd love to say 'we'll be back' but there is so many more to try.  And for one night, why not?  And the best part got it on at a bargain.  For The Taj anyway...

Bottom line....try your local cities. And try the nice hotels too.  But only at a bargain.  We deserve it!  Really.


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