Wednesday, December 25, 2013


My Mom, Brother and Niece circa 1965

We seem never to hear the term 'lady' anymore, as in she's a lady.  There are pop stars today acting as far away from lady like than we could ever imagine.  My mother was a lady.  She had all the outside accouterments of 'lady'.  Hair by Kenneth, designer clothes, the best shoes, gloves and handbags.  Perfect makeup and beautiful face and stature.  The outward appearance of a perfect lady.  Living in a beautiful town with a handsome husband and 4 children.

But what I am talking about here is my mother's inner spirit.  In all ways, she signified 'lady'.  She was a good Catholic.  Church every Sunday come heck or high water.  Never did we hear anything worse than when she was really annoyed 'hells bells'.  Her abusive husband and my father was always kept at bay.  Not a word to the outside world.  It will reflect.  She carried herself tall and proud.  Her children at her side.  Never bothered with the neighbors talking, she was above it all.

My mother loved the beach and when she had time, which was the weekends during the warm months, she would come with me religiously.  My mother had a career her whole life.  At the end of her marriage, it was my mother who carried the sword.  Made sure I got to Catholic high school, made sure that my brother and I had a chance at college.  Even from our final 2 bedroom apartment she carried herself proudly.  In her eyes she was free.

My mother was a true feminist.  But she had a soft side to her too.  She wanted marriage and family.  Unfortunately that would not last for her.  She would always say to me, 'have children'.  In the end the women of the day who did not had nothing in the end.

Although things have changed drastically in the world today, I still carry her spirit with me.  Merry Christmas Mom, wherever you are.

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