Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Okay! It's Time for Some New Year's Resolutions....

Ummmmmmm - think it's all been said.

Okay, okay...

1.  Go back on South Beach Diet for a time - need to get rid of the fat and feel good.

2.  Walk more outside - commune with nature.

3.  Go on nice weekend trips once in a while

4.  Get more in tune with my grown children.   The things I expect don't happen, and then they say, so who said that?

5.  Upgrade our place a bit....some of my chairs - oh my, 25 years old.  I think they look ok, but not really.

6.  How about some new throw pillows for the sofa?  A whole new look.

7.  Take a class (I'm kidding)

8.  Learn to knit - really nice stuff with very good yarn.

9.  Color my hair red. I kiiiiiiiiiiid, I kiiiiiiiiid.   Color my hair/or not - I'm practicing having the roots gray with a really light blonde color.  I'm kind of tired of fighting the gray.

10.  See part of the USA that I have not seen such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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