Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Sales are On..

but try not to be fooled into buying something weird.  Just went to Banana and tried on a bunch of stuff.  They are having 50% off markdowns, that's dirt cheap.  I didn't want to try on the stuff, just wanted to buy it and have it fit.  Well I did try on and, guess what, I didn't take anything.  For some reason BR does not fit me very well.  Gotta be very careful in my buys there.  I have found that I am not comfortable without plenty of stretch.  That goes for fitted shirts too.  I just don't like the feel of a shirt with no give.  I'll be poking around more but that's my take on this store.

Pants had no stretch and they had soooo many colors and textures.  I'm so sorry about that...

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