Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beauty Addict

This Chanel quad should last you a good 24 months.  Yes, yes I know you should rid your makeup occasionally, but really?  This is great stuff.

As you know I am a shopper, but I also love beauty products.  I walk through Neiman Marcus on my way into our mall, and I'm always afraid one of the make up artists will grab me to introduce a product to me.  I usually buy same, same, same.  I have been a Chanel customer for the last ummmm 40 years, when a makeup artist in NYC Bloomingdale's grabbed me to do a 5 minute make over. I was sold.  On the pencil eyeliner, lipstick, shadow and foundation.  40+ years later I still use these products.  They are basics, wonderful quality and last a long, long time.  Their eyeliner pencils last a least a full year.  And oh, how they glide, smudge.

As you can see, I am a huge Chanel fan.  Their skin products not so much though. Think you can get any of the creams and potions in CVS and be quite satisfied. Save your money for the rich, abundant colors of Chanel.  You can make them as light or dark as you need.

Anyway, it's January, the make up artists are out in droves with specials.  Go in to the stores and try something new.  I always let them do something new on me, then walk around the mall, and see how it feels and looks.  Then go back and make a purchase if I like it. (It's rare)  If you are uncomfortable with cost, ask about their return policy.  Usually this expensive (and all CVS also) stuff has a generous return policy.

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