Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Buzzwords of 2013 - See ya later

1.  Selfie - please make it stop
2.  Boston Strong - of course we are strong, all cities have strength to them, but do we have to edit our strength into a bumper sticker size quote.  No.
3.  Right?  - to mean I agree
4.  Boom!  - to mean Done!
5.  And just so you know - yep I know.
6.  Tweet - I don't get this and even if I did who would I tweet.  Think it's for breaking news?
7.  Twerk
8.  Anything with .......Lo.  I live in Waltham, so I could call it Wal - Lo, as in SoHo, SoLo, NoLo etc. etc.
9. Over served.  You're drunk ok?  You did it to yourself, no one over served you.
10. LOL - this is not a new one, but annoys the H E double hockey sticks out of me....just say I'm laughing....better yet, call your friend and have a good chuckle.  Much better that way.
DISCLAIMER - Sometimes I use some of these, and believe me, the minute it's out of my mouth I annoy myself.

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