Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking Older

This is an article from Huffington that made me laugh heartily.  Some of the topics I haven't even thought about such as 'travel clothes'. That would be a warm up suit because it doesn't 'wrinkle'.

Aside from the 10 things in the article here are another 10:

1.Watch your posture.  I have to yell at myself about this a lot.  Keep reminding yourself about posture.
2. Hairstyles - please change it up once in a while.  Hair grows, you can always go back.  PS don't let your hairdresser scalp you...every time they go shorter and shorter.  Stay away for awhile and let your hair grow and go back for some reshaping.  It's hard, but we can do it.  You will be tempted to call your hairdresser, but put the dial pad down and stick to it.  You will be happier in the end.
3. Shoes - stay away from comfort shoes.  In other words if you have a foot problem, see a podiatrist and have it looked at.
4. Stay healthy.  Nothing ages you more than a lackluster skin tone and hair.  Keep on top of your health.
5. Throw out your old clothes, do not put them in mothballs.  Clothes are cheap enough nowadays.
6.  One nice knee length wool coat can solve a multitude of issues.  Throw it over yourself and look pulled together.  Wear it to bed if you must.  (I keeed)
7. Try not to be too skinny or too heavy.  Skinny looks sunken and too heavy, well, you know you have to wear elastic waistbands...not a good look.
8.  Those age/sun marks on the face.  I have 'em and try to cover them up.  They scream OLD! Going to have them treated by my fabulous dermatologist when I have sun allowed for months before and after.

9.  Personally, I feel like I should cover up every bit of skin I can.  I have never had cellulite until just recently I see the my legs wavering.  It's age. The skin window has been slammed shut in my case.

10. Finally, this is one that I always see on myself and others. Make sure your bra fits properly.  Get fitted.  They should be riding high.


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