Thursday, January 16, 2014

Popcorn Please?

Sometimes books and movies can inspire one to travel.  We will be travelling to Provence later this Spring and on purpose, watched the movie A Good Year with Russell Crowe.  Then by accident, I read the book The Girl You Left Behind  which also happens to be set in Southern France.  Both book and movie have a richness and texture to them that I could never have gotten from a guidebook. 

A Good Year

Recently someone asked me how I came up with Provence to visit, and I had to think hard about it, I honestly could not remember.  Then I remembered.  I saw a photo of the fields of lavender and knew I had to go there.



  1. Have you read "A Year in Provence" and the sequel "Toujours Provence"? So enjoyable! Gives you a real flavor for the area.

  2. No I have not, but I will now. THanks for the tip, I read everyday on my commute and am always looking for something good. Thanks Vicki!