Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yahoo's 10 Things Not to Buy in '14 - a 60+ year old reference

Take a gander at this article and see what we agree or disagree on..

1.  Well, since I don't have an IPhone (I refuse) I bought a digital camera.
2.  I stayed in Airbnb - unless you are with a group it really doesn't pay.  You can get a hotel room just as inexpensively and cleaner.  And to add insult to injury, on a NYC trip someone had a key to our apt. and tried to enter in the middle of the night..I just don't think they are that safe, obviously.  Owner gives renter key.  Unscrupulous renter has key made.  Unscrupulous enters at a later date and robs apt.  Right?
3.  Netflix Streaming - I just don't think that Streaming has the movies that I want to see.  They are all blockbuster or run of the mill.  If you like a good foreign film or Indie it's not for you.
4.  DVD - you need it still for Netflix movies
5.  Credit Card miles - don't buy or travel enough to warrant this
6.  Cable TV - Please, I need it for Dancing with the Stars and RHOBH (guilty pleasures here, I won't lie)
7. Laptops and desktops..sorry I need a laptop to back up my IPad, it 's just not typing friendly enough for me.
8.  Phone contracts  (huh?)
9.  Paid extra leg room in economy - forget it - I carry on and sit like a fool.  Just get me there and I'm good.
10. GPS - Drive a 5 year old car and would be lost literally (especially good for estate sales) without it...but they come basic embedded in all new cars, so I'll wait for the new one.


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