Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lands' End Bathing Suits Etc.....

I know we think it's early, but it really is not. (And I know they all look young in the pic but trust me you'll be happy with the product) Today I happened to walk into Lands' End aka Sears to check out the swim shirt..  They have the best suits for us ladies.  Do we need cut to there anymore? Do we need no support anymore?  Do we need thongs?  Well maybe for the feet, but certainly not for the nether regions (the thong window has shut)....I actually bought some stuff to bring home and try on.  They are not inexpensive, so off to TJ's I went to try to compare.  No comparison.  Lands End has the best separates available.  Really refreshing colors, (lots of navy which I love) really cool pieces.  Even beach towels ROCK!!  If it's time to refresh, refresh you must.  Check it out!!
PS  Good Easter gift for kids....towels, bags etc.  Salesperson told me they have plenty of stock NOW and run out approximately mid Spring.  I really believe it, because the place was busy.  I bought some stuff and came home tried on, will be returning a top.  I call that money saving, right?

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