Friday, February 21, 2014

The Swim Tee from Lands' End

Being a beach person AND needing maximum coverage I just happened on this tee shirt from Lands' End.  It's called a Swim Tee.  You wear it on the beach for cover and can swim in it too.  This is for me.  I am always huddling under an umbrella wearing a tee shirt.  This will give me more confidence about being at the beach.  I'll still huddle under the umbrella, but I will feel better about it.  Anyone who has gone through skin cancer will know what I mean.  Check it out!!  $39.

Protection from the sun is a priority, especially if you spend a lot of time at the pool or beach. And while cover-ups can go just about anywhere, the one place they can’t is the water. But our Swim Tee is ready to dive in. Designed to wear over your swimsuit top, it’s soft as your favorite tee and incredibly lightweight – even while wearing it in the water! It’s not just for swimming though. It also works as a colorful cover-up when the air turns cooler or you’re just looking to shade your skin. Plus it provides UPF 50 protection against harmful rays. 91% nylon/9% Lycra® spandex. Hand wash. Imported.

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