Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Times They Are A Changin'

It seems just faster and faster each month.  TV viewing, the way we use our phones.  It's crazy.  Not only is it travelling faster than lightening, but it's important and hard to keep up with.  Really important, otherwise we are left out in the cold.   We just got dvr/RCN.  New world.  AND broke down and got a T-Mobile Smart Phone.  The next time a cashier asks for me to scan my smart phone, I'm packin' sista.   I have held and held out.  It's time.

Here's a weird thought.  My granddaughter Quinn is 3 years old.  She very well could live till the turn of the NEXT century, 2100.  How will things change by then, and what will her memories be?  Think back on when we were 3 and what we were exposed to.  Unlimited world out there. 


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