Monday, March 31, 2014

A Bit of Bling Never Hurt Anyone

As we age, we tend to get more and more conservative.  And I'm not saying go out and look foolish, but if you are in the mood to look bling-y, do it.  I'm not one for sparkly nail polish, that's for my granddaughter.  I'm not one either for sparkly jean back pockets.  But what I am for is pairing up a fabulous statement necklace on just about anything I wear.  Necklace below is from J. Crew, but you can find cool ones at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor also.  Or Claires, yes Claires....just dig around when you are out and about.  That's when you find the best things. I keep on eye out for sales and stock up on them if they are reduced, then 50% off.  It's amazing what a nice jewel wardrobe you can build doing that.

My go to necklace is this triple strand of pearls from J. Crew...wear 'em all the time....they are ageless and cool.  And ladylike.  Wear them with jeans and a white shirt...


Another way to liven up your outfit is sparkly 'em too!!  J Crew again.


This is dreary weather, sparkle it up ladies!

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