Friday, March 28, 2014

Super Cool Recipe that's Healthy Too..

bunch of brussel sprouts shredded
bunch of kale deveined and shredded
crushed nuts (anything really)
pomegranate seeds in season (or dried cranberries)
a bit of chia seeds (trader joes)
handful of Gorgonzola cheese to taste

Chop like your life depended on it....shred, shred, shred into the tiniest of pieces (or if you have a food processor use that).  Add 1 tsp of your favorite salad dressing, hopefully something natural....and  ENJOY!   It's a bit bitter but the pomegranate or cranberries sweeten it up.


1 comment:

  1. i was totally inspired by you and made this last night for my "wine club" that Im having tonight...i roasted the brussel sprouts though and did toasted pecans and a honey dijon vinegarette...the gorgonzola is amazing with the brussel sprouts and cranberries!! Thanks for the idea! :)