Friday, May 9, 2014

Grandma's Things

Now that I am of a certain age, 65 to be exact, I have rid myself (oh my word,  that sounds so harsh) of all my antiques and or collectibles, inherited or not.  Either they have gone to my sons and to some young couple who will love them for the next generation.  It feels so exhilarating not to be babysitting for these 'things' anymore.  And it makes me so happy to see a young couple just starting out thrilled to have a certain piece for their new lives together.  Via Craigslist and Ebay.

I only have what is necessary at this point and you know what, it feels good. Although every time I glance into my garage, I have a small ache....please husband, get rid of the boxes...!  Don't even know what is in them at this point.

I have decided not to be tethered to a 'thing'.  And if my children decide to throw any of it out, so be it.  It's time for someone else other than me to be tethered to distant memories.  No regrets.  Goodbye old, hello new!




  1. I too am trying to do some of this at age 58. We have no bio children (one foster daughter) Nieces and nephews mostly aren't ready yet for the heirlooms.
    Congrats to you for cleaning out!
    BTW Thank you for the hint on the Lands End raincoat. I bought it in tall blue and I love it. Actually had to take the sleeves up which was a new experience.

  2. thanks for the comment Kathy enjoy the coat...