Sunday, June 1, 2014

46 and Counting!

Today is my 46th wedding anniversary.  It got me to thinking.  Not only about the decades gone by but some of the milestones in dog years.  We have owned 6 canines since day number 1.  Max was our first cocker spaniel that we had to rush home to each night after a day in NYC working.  Note to young'uns, wait to get a dog and enjoy life. But we so loved Max.

Number 2 was Greta, a mix between cocker and poodle.  A nice dog but nothing all that memorable. Or was it because I was so busy with my own babies at the time?  Certainly not her fault.
Number 3 was Oscar.  Another cocker, we were looking to clone Max and went awry.  Oscar was a biter.   Bye bye Oscar.

Number 4 was Cody.  Now there was a dog.  Dakota was his full name and he was a  Golden Retriever.  He came to us in a very delicate time of life.  We had just moved back from the South to the North, and the children needed him.  I would say Cody was the love of our lives.  When I visit my grown sons at their respective homes, they each have a framed photo of Cody.  PS Cody wasn't perfect, he was a runner.  He'd get a scent and off he would go into the wild blue yonder.

Number 5 was Harry.  Harry was a Bernese Mountain Dog that came to us from a breeder who received him back because he was B A D.  You know the old saying when people tell you something, believe them.  Harry was B A D.  I was not sad when Harry went to the greater unknown.  Again, Harry was a biter.  And that's saying lots.

Number 5 is Paris.  We love Paris.  She is a Flat Coated Retriever.  Paris comes in a close second to Cody.

Somehow Cody will always be numero uno, but now Paris has our hearts.  I would say not only is she a sweetie but she is probably the healthiest dog we have ever come to us.

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  1. Happy anniversary!!! Love this..takes me down memory lane with all of the dogs we had over the years!