Thursday, July 31, 2014

All The Light We Cannot See

I am a voracious reader only because I take the train back and forth to work and I want to make some use of my time.  Rarely have I read a book as well written and absorbing and easy to read as this one.  Each character stands out so brilliantly that you will come to love them all, even though it's set in Nazi Germany and France during WW11.  I normally shy away from wartime novels because they are all so sad, but this, my friends, is outstanding.  The war is on one level, the people on another, and the authors description of the characters is so intense that you feel that you are there with them.  And of course, the stone is the key to the whole book.

Read it and weep for all the souls who had to endure such an existance.  I definitely will put this on my top ten of a lifetime reads.

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