Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At This Age, We Are What We Are.......

and we know what we want.

Last weekend, I visited with my old, old friends that I have known for over 60 years...yes, that's 60.  Anyway, discussing dinner options, a few ideas were thrown out including something we three just KNEW we did not want!  Options were:

Dinner on water at take out place
Dinner at fancy club
Dinner at Pizza place on water
Dinner at another (4th) persons house

None of us likes to spend money at any of the fancier (not necessarily better) places needlessly.  We know that.

None of us wants to go to someones house when we have a choice of being outside on a gorgeous summer night.  We know that.  Sounds bratty, I know, but as I said, we are what we are and we know what we want.  And saying 'no' comes pretty easily to all of us.  Fun night had by all. 


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