Monday, July 14, 2014

Keuka Lake Wineries

My husbands family has owned a cottage on Keuka Lake since the 1920's.  Lots has changed since then.  But then again, lots has stayed the same.  I personally have been visiting Keuka Lake since the 1960's when his Grandparents owned the cottage.  It has now been turned over to his cousins who are taking good care of the old girl.  Anyway, it's such a different experience to go up there.  Drive up the NYState Thruway to the little town of Geneva.  Drive through the towns past Lake Seneca and finally to our destination ...Lake Keuka - QKA for short.  Anyway, once one arrives it is the most peaceful, chill place as one can imagine.  Swim in fresh water, boat with any type boat or paddleboard (yeah right) till you drop.  Get your hair all wet, wear no makeup,  take the party boat to a hoot nanny down the lake, and just chill.  You will be around locals and billionaires.  They will all be just like us though.  Everyone is the same there.  Cut the pretentions, and the makeup and jewelry and chill.  Try it for a road trip. 
Now for the good stuff.  Keuka Lake and the Lakes area are known for their great wineries.  We went wine tasting right around the corner from the cottage.  These were places I NEVER would have stopped in kind of suspicious....well, wrong again.  So fabulous, with customers galore tasting and buying and enjoying and chatting.  Readers, this is a destination. 
           Lime Berry Winery - Keuka Lake

If you are looking for some artwork this winery exhibits fabulous artwork at reasonable prices. These pieces make a statement.   By Leland Holiday

Another one, Domaine Leseurre opened by a French couple who came to the States and saw a need for their French talents with grapes.  Again, this place is divine, driving up you expect nothing, but receive a full French experience in wine tasting.


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