Sunday, July 6, 2014

Love My Granddaughter

Finally I have a granddaughter in my life.  After raising two sons, it's such fun to have a girly girl to hang out with.  So she slept over last night.  After a morning of answering her beck and call....put Pandora on, put Barney on, put a tattoo on my hand, no not that one, this one.  I am tending to her nails, each nail on toes and hands a different color.  I am toasting her hair, that's what she calls the curling iron.  She takes a good look at me up close and announces........................'you're old'.  No it didn't hurt my feelings, because well, I am.  I had to think really fast and answered her with 'old is not a bad thing, old is a good thing, it means you are full of wisdom'.   (and watch your chest with the sun) She went to her Grandfather and told him 'old is not a bad thing, being old is good'.......ahh a teaching moment on both sides.

PS Sons were never this direct.



  1. This may be my favorite of your blog posts so far! :) You sound like such a fun grandmother...shes a lucky girl!