Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Provence Tips

I don't know about any of you, but I am not a good traveller.  After almost one week of being home from Provence, I am still tired and grumpy.  Anyway, to follow up on the fashion-y side of the trip, I wanted to convey that when in So of France, wear light cotton, linens, gauze.  It was amazingly toasty even in the mountains with the le mistral wind that they are so famous for.  It's nice and dry in the mountains, but still, hot.  And down South, forget about it....I had to pull this skirt way up (Soft Surroundings) to survive the day in Aix...deadly.  But, remembering what the heat was like in Southern Italy, this was a great choice.  AND, it twists and packs so well.

Next time though calls for comfy shoes.  Not that mine were hopeless, but there must be a soft shoe that I like somewhere out there.  When I got really lazy and crabby I just stuck on the flip flops.  Always great at times of emergency (and swollen feet)
And!  If you don't happen to have anything gauze, well, you can shop at one of Provence's many markets that they are world famous for.


AND just an aside.  I paid over $50 at Anthropologie for this exact same hat.  Markets had it in ever color of the rainbow.  How much?  About $25.00 


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