Friday, August 22, 2014

And Here We Have It

Last week on Tuesday I wrote a post about Mourning and Manners referring to a recent NYT article.  What to say, what to do...well, here we have the situation.  One of the young employees here at work died tragically on Saturday.  His brother visits us all the time.  When I see his brother, we usually hug it out, like we are old old friends.  (He worked here at one time, and we all grew to love them both)

So next time he visits, I don't want to remind him of his pain.  I don't want to ignore the situation.  The family has to walk through this fire for a good long while when they see people in their everyday life.

I'll try to be responsible and comforting, but not too much, but not too little.....what's the leverage?  Try not to be narcissistic, it's not all about me.

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