Thursday, August 21, 2014


Instagram is a bit newer than FB and easier to share, believe it or not.  Just like FB, you can link up with folks, and better yet, if you enjoy taking photos, each photo will tell your story.  Better than words.  So the lovely ladies that I work with think I am genius for linking into Instagram.  But!  Trust me I'm not.  When I heard that my 77 year old sister, who can't figure out FB, could do this, I was challenged.  So if you are interested, get someone younger, ok even a grandchild and have them show you the ropes.  I did that here at work.  The toddlers (that's what I call the 20 and 30 somethings) helped me.  I am still learning, and it's very fun.

All photos are taken with your phone.  Forget about a traditional camera of your IPad or IPad mini.  When I see the tourists outside in Copley Square using their IPads, I look sadly upon them.  O, there is such an easier way, tourists.  Get with the program.  One of the younger people told me this summer, think of your phone as a small computer.  Wrap you head around that and it's easier to understand.

We really have to keep up with these platforms..otherwise, we will be left in the dust.  Plus the fact, they are a LOT of fun....!  :)


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