Saturday, August 9, 2014


That's  a gorgeous spot.  I think maybe the prettiest spot on the east coast, and possibly one of the prettiest in the world.  It's natural, it's big, there are a ton of beaches, both calm and rough.  Porpoises pop up to say hi and watch all the peeps on the shore.  The light is somehow different there.  The sunsets are heavenly.  I was actually thinking of taking a west coast holiday for the past few years, but really why?  This is it.  Food, people watching, bakeries, coffees smoothies, beaches, walks, gardens, yachting, rich and famous  people walking around.  They really know how to live.  This is the playground of the rich American.  Red, white, and blue all the way, people.  Blonde haired people, sun kissed faces, Nantucket reds. Nantucket lightship baskets. Riff raff need not apply.

And yet.  There is a lot that is quite exclusionary on this island.  A bit unsettling to me.

Somehow I came away thinking is this real life?  For a certain element of society, yes.  It seems to be a closed society.  But for the rest of the world, definitely not.  Just a bit disturbing to me.
Just my take.

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