Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brown Furniture

By brown furniture I mean that family heirloom or anything with wood stained brown.  I mean dressers, chests, corner cabinets,  Furniture that some of us paid dearly for just a mere ten years ago, or inherited and cherished is, guess what?  Practically worthless.  With the birth of Ikea and Target and the like, furniture prices have come down, down, down.  That piano, that ping pong table, and oh the pool table.  See ya later.

If anyone has tried to downsize lately they know what the story is.  For those still hanging on, adjust the attitude and don't expect much.  I may be totally wrong, the market may come back,  but this is the way it's going now. In our lifetime.  Keep a few 'good' items and then let the rest go if the chance is there.  Otherwise, it will be overwhelming how the pieces accumulate.  Yard sales,,, Craigslist, second hand shops become the best friend of a homeowner or down sizer who needs to simplify.

Oh and of course the big dumpster...


Quite frankly, I'm enjoying drawers that open easily. 


  1. I have painted an older side table that was given to me by my aunt. I think she was shocked to see it and I know her boyfriend would be horrified so I try to hide it when he comes over. But you are right, the value is so low that it doesn't make sense to keep it in original (ugly orange varnish) condition. On the other hand its a pretty shape and real wood and looks lovely painted.

    1. completely agree! As The Rolling Stones sang "Paint it.................. (white)