Monday, September 15, 2014

Skirt Lengths

I have to ask myself when I go shopping, why are skirt lengths so incredibly short.  Yesterday I found a perfect sweater dress that looked like it might work.  Tried it on....too short.  For myself, I would like to have something knee length that doesn't scream, 'mutton in sheep's clothing'.  Something ladylike.

So off I go online to search...Talbots has some good skirts that look long enough.

I am also searching for a knee length pleated skirt.  They are unbelievably hard to come by.  On Bill Cunningham's On The Street, he shoots women in knee length and below.  Skirts are in.  Why can't I find one in a store?  Long and lucious skirts are in...

Ladylike is in.

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