Friday, October 17, 2014

One of the most incredibly thrilling things to happen to me in a long time is my discovery of  For years, I thought my mother's name was just too common to trace.  O'Neill, Shea, Sullivan is like Smith, Doe and well, Sullivan.  But for some crazy reason, one day, I just decided to take the plunge for one month and see what came up.  Expecting nothing, I plugged in what I knew.  Then I looked a couple of days later and saw the little green hint leaf blowing and clicked.  Lo and behold I see a picture of my Grandfather that I recognized.  I contacted the owner of the hint and the rest is history. A third cousin, she filled me in (she is training to become a certified genealogist) on all 12, yes, 12 siblings on my maternal Grandfather's side.  Long story short, I received photos that I would have never, ever seen of my mother, the birthplace of the 12 sisters and brothers in Ireland..and may make the journey to a reunion this summer...check it out!!!

O'Neill Family Farm - Collorus, Kerry Ireland

Mom, Fashionable 7 year old in 1920 and Grand Aunt Sheila looking tres chic too!  At The Bronx Zoo!

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