Sunday, November 9, 2014

Flea Market Flip

This is such a fun television show with Lara Spencer, who is an ABC Good Morning anchor, antique store owner in Stamford CT, author and interior designer.  Phew! She makes me tired.  Anyway, today she inspired me to do the flea market thing and all I can say is....................................yawn.  I feel like I have had all this stuff three times over (at this stage in life).  Don't have the energy, don't have the drive.  After the flea market we went to the Vintage Market which was Christmas inspired.  Again.  Have it.  Sold it.  Threw it out.  Done.....what 's next?  Move to a new nest and re-do, really scaled down.  That!  I would love.  Update and make it new.  I don't like the statement, 'been there, done that' but we have, correct?  I want someone to walk into my home and ask, "who lives here", not, "Grandma was here"!

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