Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

and I have read and agree with so many of the tips!  If you are a guest, and you would like to be invited back (ok, ok, I know we all, at this age, know all this but) here goes:

1.  Call before and ask what you can bring
2.  Call closer to the holiday and ask again, even if it is just ice, or cocktail napkins - it helps.  Or soda.  
3.  Do NOT under any circumstances bring a green salad.  It doesn't go.
4.  Always, always, bring a gift for the hostess.  Even if it's your own mother.  A bottle of wine, a candle, some cocktail napkins.  One of the articles mentioned that the host received some beautiful monogrammed stationary.  Yes, please.
5.  Don't bring flowers wrapped in paper.  The kitchen is busy enough, without preparing flowers and rooting around for a vase.  Bring a plant instead... something flowering and wintry.  Not a poinsettia though.
6.  If your host mentions that her turkey is overcooked, DON'T AGREE.  She'll remember.
7.  If your host wants to send you  home with leftovers, don't be greedy. 
8.  Some people, (can't imagine who would do this) bring there own leftover containers.  Again, don't be greedy.  People notice.  AND if you want a second invite, listen to this tip.
9.  Even if it's your own mother, it would be nice to use one or  more of these tips.  I know I certainly didn't when I was going to my mothers.
10.  Finally, love this one.  Try not to talk about politics.  Steer the conversation towards lighter subjects like religion or homosexuality.  I kid!

Have a great one.

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