Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time to "Talk"

So my son and family came for Thanksgiving dinner, and after a few minutes, my son brought up the subject of 'talking'....ya know.  When ya die.  Anyway, it was a really good conversation.  We aired everything very  pleasantly.  He asked who would I (we) like to live with.  I said, are you kidding?  No one...somehow that made them real happy!!  I can see why. PS I don't want to live with them either....been there, done that.  Suddenly both my sons are getting very grown up talking about things of this nature. It's about time.  I remembered when my mother was getting up there, we never talked.  Her second husband threw everything out.  Thank you.

 We discussed:

  • IRA's/401K's  - theirs and ours - and who are the beneficiaries?  Are they up to date?
  • Passwords - where are they?
  • Where are we/they financially?  Should anyone be worried? 
  • Wills?  Health Care Proxy? Important papers?  Both sons have a copy of our recent 2014 wills.  But important stuff was pointed out.  Again.  I am a bit of obsessive/compulsive over this stuff.
  • Who is your financial planner/accountant?  Phone number/address/name would help.
  • College funds for grandchildren? 
  • Any jewelry/gold?  Let 'em know.  How much and who gets what.  And!  Where is it?
  • Old photos etc., I've already divided them and gave them each at least half.  But recently I have been interested in Ancestry and had a book made.  They now have their GGG Grandparents O'Neill/Murphy and on down on my side in photos in a hard cover book.  I have to believe that they will keep it.  Lots of research went into it.  Especially since the original name was O'Neill.  Not exactly Snuffleupagus.

Today I brought up changing passwords once or twice a year.  All of them.  January 1st and June 1st possibly.  And we will leave it with our papers.

And finally, I especially love when one of your descendants says 'it's okay, I don't want anything'.  Shut the front door, you're getting it.  You can do with it what you want.

At the end of the day, this is a very hopeful opinion of how things will button up.  Hopefully, I don't live till god knows how old....most importantly What?  will I look like?

And what, you may ask does any of this have to do with fashion?  Believe me, you will look better and feel better if you can sleep at night without worrying about all this.  Even if life throws a curve, you know you have done your best with what you have.

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