Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Those Natty Christmas Messages Again

Christmas cards have seen better days, I believe.  With the price of stamps and the birth of the internet, the Gen XY and Zers are being practical. They don't send 'em.  I usually send a couple but it really depends on how I feel.  This year I don't feel like it.

Seems as though baby boomers, that's us, went a bit crazy with their holiday letters in the past, and thankfully they are waning. (read, dying off/aging out/whatever) People finally got the joke.  SHUT YOUR FACE.  Friends don't want to hear about your blessed, yummy, fabulous, blessed, amazing, magical, lucky lives.  If you want to brag tell your family.  They, and only they, care.  Well, okay, maybe your best friend too.

Somehow I feel like Facebook has become the platform for this kind of terrorist narcissism.  But instead of it being once a year, it's ALL THE TIME.  If you are on social media, you can keep up no problem, and form your own opinions.  Then, there are those of us on FB who overuse the terms, blessed, yummy, fabulous, blessed, amazing, magical, lucky.  365 days a year. How can that be...?   It can't. So, SHUT. YOUR. FACE.

Oh wait, I forgot the minions.....all in usison saying, ohhhhh you are so blessed, yummy, fabulous, blessed, amazing, magical, lucky.  SHUT YOUR FACE.  Minions. Tape over your 'like' button.  You encourage the narcissist in all of us. Please.

from the Huffington Post:

"That is, unless you made Will Ferrell laugh, shot a commercial in the south of France, and made a casting director cry real tears. Then please, tell everyone."

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