Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Airbnb vs Hotel

Having stayed in Airbnb last summer on a short trip to NYC and just having stayed in a hotel for the same trip, I vote for hotel over Airbnb by miles.  Unless you are going to NYC with a gang of people, Airbnb might be a better fit, only because they usually have a kitchen/lots of beds vs. a hotel.  But with the hotel you get 'service' with a capital S.

Breakfast Usually Included
Cleaning Fee Included
Security (keys are updated with each guest)

No security (same key for each guest)
Go searching for a cup of coffee
No service you are on your own
Make your own bed/clean your bath
Extra fee for maid service

I think possibly for far off places such as Iceland Airbnb might be a thought, but I'm a hotel person through and through after my experience.  (for a couple or a single)

PS I am sure this happens very infrequently, but in our ABNB room last summer someone had a key and tried to break in to our place at about 10 pm.  I am not a fan.  Keys don't change and people can have keys made.  Thankfully, we had the dead bolt on, otherwise, I can't even begin to imagine what would have happened.  Also, if they had tried during the day, we would have been robbed.  To put it mildly, it was a sleepless night.  I warn anyone who mentions ABNB about this. 

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