Sunday, January 11, 2015

Controversial, right?

So, everyone at work
 asks me about holiday parties, lunches etc.  and my reply is I don't have any friends, I hate everyone....well, of course I don't 'hate' everyone...but I guess I hate the function of group activities...women's groups, couple's groups, widow's groups, card groups etc.  When I told my very wise friend in Marco Island (very deep person) that I kept telling everyone over Xmas at work 'nothing, I hate everyone' and they all replied, 'no, I hate everyone', (well we are one) but my deep yoga friend said, 'no, she hates everyone'...and her yoga teacher too 'hates everyone'...but bottom line is, once you have hit the target, some of us anyway, we get pretty choosy about who we are willing to hang out with.....ergo, I h--- everyone, becomes I am not willing to waste my time on silliness, bragging, blatant exclusion (how rude) etc....

PS People will quietly tell you that they agree.  Not everyone but a large percentage, I am guessing 99%.....those who are religious don't hate everyone....and the older we get the more religious one gets.  Not me, though..I'm honest...always accused of it and always will be.  You know what?  Everyone agrees with honesty.  They either laugh with your abject honesty or agree!

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