Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life as a Woman

Women who have been a part of my life are just so interesting.  Through 66 years of living I have had those who seem to have it all.  Some that had it all early on (queen of the prom) and life dealt them a  tough blow.  Sickness in children,  hooked children, and husbands have brought them hard times (my mother).  The ones that have had it all, well, somehow, I think they do, then off the record they tell me that their house is in foreclosure (my mother),  their husband hits them (my mother), or the children, when they were young (my mother).  Their husband won't touch them, but looks at porn or has mistresses (my mother).  Their husband provided it all, then went to jail...more than one of those. (Well close)

They all started out happily tending their new life.  Marriage, children, house, etc.  Then life happened. (my mother)

Women who have given up ownership of life to be a couple, unwittingly.  Sometimes it works.  It's hard.  Sometimes not.  I see the thirty some things all over the place not meeting anyone.  All. over. the place.  What's the answer?  Young women don't fret.  A man is not your answer.  But it is nice to go for dinner or be a couple for a while, correct?

Then we have those who never stop complaining that their life is boring.  As my mother, who had an abusive husband, used to say, boring is good.  You want exciting?  Well, say no more, yes I know exciting.  Not in a good way, either.

Whatever your path in life ladies, know that you are not alone.  The times they are a changin'.  Key phrase here ladies. ' Early on.'

I'm sure Hiawatha has her stories.

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