Monday, January 12, 2015

Love my Friends!

Being of a certain age I have friends from kindergarten/second grade/life in suburbia in the NE/life in suburbia in So Florida, and life in fashion.  Don't we all have these different sources?  Going to Florida later this month and will see the group of friends from fashion.  My husband said tonight I can't believe that you are still friends with them.. I told him, I keep friends. Each friend brings a different passion to the game.  One thing that they all have is that they are ALL confident women.  Single, married, remarried or whatever, they are confident.  They have been through it all, and it's interesting to compare notes. 

Even not seeing them for years at a time, there is still that connection. For the school yard friends it's been, oh let me count....60 years?  For the fashion crowd it's been 30 years!  For the suburbia crowd it's been about the same I just added up the years from 1985.  Unbelievable!   Somehow with this group of women it feels new.  Love you friends!  PS Can't forget my work friends!  Some of the best! And my I add, they have brought me into the new century.  Life is hard.  Let's all move ahead and  survive together. Push forward.  Together.

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