Thursday, January 8, 2015

New York Outerwear

My,  my, my  how times have changed...we all know that right..but the degree to which I saw fur coats on the streets of NY was minimal...also looked old ladyish.  Everyone, but everyone was wearing down.  Down with fur hoods.  Long down.  Short down.  Down vests..Down has traveled a long way in the last decade.  Almost as costly as a fur coat....Check it out!


to $3,000


to $2,600

Canada Goose

to $1,700

Lands' End


Well, here is my style Lands' End for a mere $145.....pretty darn warm for the price and I love the way the hood falls.  It covers your whole head in addition to the forehead area.  Hard for it to blow off in high winds..  Another thing about this coat is that the under sleeve is fleece.  HUGE!  For the warmth factor.  Connects right to your gloves.

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