Saturday, February 7, 2015


At this stage, I know I should NOT be in the sun.  Age marks, skin cancer, not to mention wrinkles are now my frequent visitors.  But!  I love the beach.  Each year I visit So Florida, and I love the beaches of New England during the summer.  Always, but always under an umbrella with plenty of sun screen and hat.  I was taking a walk on the Fort Lauderdale boardwalk, you know, the one where Mouseketeer Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon used to film?  Seedy little beach shops along the way, but being the shopper that I am, I endured.  Lo and behold I see this adorable 50 UV sun protected DRESS.  I have a shirt from Lands' End, but have never seen a dress.  It will take you to lunch poolside/Oceanside and look fabulous with no guilt.  Looked online to see if I could get it for less, but no, it's $84.99 and worth every penny.  I got the striped one below, but here are some other patterns.

Navy stripe zipper swim dress

Love each and every one of them...They are called swim dresses.  Yes.  You can swim in them.  So you have a problem with body image?  Sagging, age marks whatever?  This solves everything....cover it up!!  And!  Don't forget your hat!  No fun being at the surgeon correct?

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